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Custom Design Inquiry

At BkrMotorsport we take pride in bringing custom designs to life for customers all around the world. If your looking to have a custom logo done please utilized this page to send is an inquiry. Some things that are helpful for us in determining what exactly your looking for are listed below, please be as detailed and include as much of the items listed below to allow us to best assist your inquiry.

1. Photo or the logo or a link to a photo of the inspiration behind the logo. 

2. What material would you be looking for? (Ex: Aluminium, CS or Stainless Steel) 

3. What thickness are you looking for the material to be? 

4. What is the number of parts for the order? (Are we making 1 or 10,000)

5. What are the overall dimensions you would be looking for? (Ex: 30" x 12"

6. What type of product are you looking for? (Ex: Wall Art, Keychain, Control panel, Industrial Part)